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We recommend that this product should be installed by qualified technicians.

More and more items are now connecting to your internet at home. Your TV and Music system, your PC, Mobile phone and Tablet and soon your Fridge, Security cameras and Doorbell as well. The standard routers that are provided by your Internet supplier (MEO, NOS, Vodafone, etc...) are not of the highest quality and can cause a lot of problems. The Wifi signal can drop or does not reach to the other rooms causing a connection failure. This is not a problem when you are sending an email, but if you are trying to watch iPTV it is annoying.

There are several solutions on the market from various brands that offer a Plug-and-Play adaptor to repeat or boost your Wifi signal, but with the growing amount of connections in the house, we still see many conflicts which let Marc Electronica look for a more professional and future-proof brand. One of those brands is UBIQUITY that offers the UNIFI (ceiling or wall mounted) Long Range Access Point, capable of speeds up to 300 Mbps and a range of up to 100+ meters. It can also handle hundreds of connections at the same time, so you are ready for the future. If the house is very big we can use multiple access points and we can offer an outdoor unit to cover your garden and swimming pool as well.

The price range is a bit higher than your average Wifi repeater and it does require one of our engineers to set it up to avoid overlapping channels from the neighbouring networks, but if you are fed up with your current configuration, we think it is worth the money. 
Remember that a better Wifi network does not compensate a slow internet connection from your provider, but fortunately, we see faster internet connection reaching more and more corners of the Algarve.

With a robust Wifi Network, you can watch our 200+ iPTV Channels on your Smartphone, Tablet and PC anywhere in the house or your garden.

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