Bose 131 Marine Speakers

Bose 131 Marine Speakers
Bose 131 Marine Speakers Bose 131 Marine Speakers
Brand: Bose
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Bose 131 Marine Speaker System

The Bose 131 Marine has flush-mounted speakers with special enclosures designed for consistent sound quality in harsh marine environments. It will let you enjoy quality sound on your boat just as you do at home. Connect to your onboard stereo components and these weather-tested speakers will bring sound to the water, with great clarity and consistency.

Full-range Drivers

Spiral voice coil drivers provide a consistent sound field and increased dynamic range for greater clarity.

Marine Design

Featuring a proprietary ported enclosure that delivers smooth, consistent low-frequency response while compensating unpredictable environments. Flush mount in the pre-cut speaker openings provided by many boat manufacturers.


Weather tested and guaranteed to withstand snow, rain, salt spray and extreme temperatures. If they can handle abuse like this, they'll be right at home in your boat.

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